Getting Salon Ready...

Our Beauty Enhancement Services

As your beauty if as much our pleasure as it is yours, we offer the following enhancement services

Facial Waxing and Threading
Tinting and tweezing
Facials - Decl'eor
Chemical peels - Decl'eor

Avoid the pain of "waxing DIY" - trust this to us, the professionals, for hygienic and presicion waxing every time. IF you have any concerns, feel free to discuss them with us at or prior to your appointment. Don't delay, book your enhancement with us today.

We are also stockists of a Stila, Wow Jude, Comfort Zone and BDB make up products. Visit our Make Up page to find out more.


Waxing/ Threading
½ leg                               R160
¾ leg                               R180
Full leg                from   R200
Under Arm                     R80
½ Arm                            R130
Full Arm                          R160
Bikini    - Basic              R140
- Brazilian       R200
- Hollywood    R260
- G-string         R300
Full Face                         R180
Brows                              R60
Upper Lip / Chin / Ear / Nose    R70

Male Waxing 
-Back / Chest                 R250
- Full Leg    R210
- Full Arm    R170

Therapeutic Massage
Back, Neck & Shoulders:    

30 Min                            R220
45 Min                             R300

Full Body

60 Min                              R400


Brow                                R70
Lash                                 R100
Brow & Lash                  R140

Make Up

Special occasion             R530
Trial                                   R350
Bride                                  R650


Deep Cleanse                 - 45min     R450
Specialised                     - 60min    R580
Aromaplasty                  - 75min       R700
Lift Experience             - 75min        R850

Comfort Zone:

Deep Cleanse               - 30min        R450
Specialised                   - 60min        R550
Delicate peel                - 90min        R500
Intense peel                  - 90min        R600
Intense Peel + booster - 90min      R790
Eye Mask with peptides                    R250 (optional extra)


Kalahari Skincare is a Phyto-ceutical Product Range developed over years of dedicated research by a team of botanical experts and cosmetic scientists. Superior plant oils and phyto-effective extracts are compounded into quality skincare solutions that restore and nourish your skin. Kalahari Skincare provides visible results and treatments suitable for all skin conditions. This signature range is more than a cutting-edge natural treatment. It is an experience of Africa itself –the colours of the earth, the raw textures and the rare fragrances all wrapped in life-giving goodness.

The Kalahari Lifestyle experience is an intimate journey, bringing the ancient secrets of Africa to the client through touch, sound, smell and visual interaction. Each product has been uniquely customized to satisfy the needs of the individual and create the ultimate experience. Using only naturally harvested botanical ingredients, Kalahari has captured the simple goodness of God’s creation in each of its signature products.

Kalahari facials

Honeybush Facial (no massage) 30 min R280

(Inc massage) 45minR350

(Honeybush has hydrating and nourishing benefits)

Vita – Gel Facial 45-60min R400

(Ultra-rejuvenating gel mask with AHA’s, Pewptides and natural moisture binding properties

Phytic clay mask 45-60min R450

(Contains effective ingredients such as, Glycolic acid, Mandelic and Phytic acid, derived from Soyabean Extract. Good for Hyperpigmented, Problematic and Anti-Aging)

Vitamin C Facial 45min R450

(An Organic Phyto Acid, L-ascorbic, treatment for visible firming, brightening, and skin rejuvenation)

PEC 30-45min R450

(This Phyto Enzyme treatment is highly effective and result orientated. Recommended as an Anti-aging, Rejuvenation or exfoliation treatment)

PEELS: 30-45min

TCA 8% R500

TCA 12% Peel R550

D-Age Anti-aging Peel R650

ADD ON: Hyaluron Alginate peel off mask . 15min R150

(Chemipeel treatments will effectively refine the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, enlarged pores and even out skin discoloration. Skin will appear visibly smoother, detexturised and radiant)

Microneedling: device R550 (last 8 treatments)

Course of 6 R2700

(This helps to treat and improve skin conditions like, acne scaring, fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation etc. It Allows blood to come to the surface for optimal skin rejuvenation effects)