Getting Salon Ready...

Re-Freshsed Décor Shop

Refreshed Designs & Refreshed Home have collaborated to create a perfect space where design meets beauty. The store is very much a mixed use space with each area serving a purpose perfect for each creative to perform to their best ability. The store is family run and owned, each with their own talent. 

Tracy, from Refreshed Designs, designed the interiors from floor to ceiling with space planning and function where nothing is less than unique incorporating her mom's, Sharon from Refreshed Home, beautifully handcrafted pottery and stained glass products which has been perfected over the past 30 years. 

Tracy is able to "think out the box", be creative, visualize and deliver when it comes to Interior Design with many years of experience in the field and having built relationships with shop fitters, finishes, furniture and fabric suppliers, where anything and everything is possible, if you can think it, we can do it! 

Tracy has a workspace where she generates internal 3D renders, detailed working drawings for shop fitters and builders, specifies finishes for homes and commercial spaces as well as furniture and fabric selection. 

Sharon's beautiful 3D hand moulded and hand painted pottery artefacts are all on display which is a true reflection of local talent mastering African beauty. There is a dinnerware range which can be custom made to order which is to, hand thrown and painted and is dishwasher and microwave safe. Stained glass doors, screens and lamps are on display throughout the shop made to suit the design "criteria" of the store. There is a huge, 3.3x2.4m stained glass screen separating two areas in the store, Kate's backwash basins and shop display, and two banana leave glass doors into the beauty rooms which are absolutely stunning and illustrates how stained glass is no longer considered "Old fashioned". With special expertise, design and visualization a once plain door can now be a perfect division between one space and another. 

Each area throughout the shop has a mixture of Tracy's design talents and Sharon's handcrafted possibilities, whether it be a delicious monster or orchid basin, special wall light or star pendant, every corner has something that you can feast your eyes over! 

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